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Marjorie Taylor Greene reveals her list of preferred pronouns

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Lauren Boebert made a similar “joke” about pronouns (“My pronoun is ‘patriot’,” tweeted the Colorado Rep. in 2021), Greene decided to flog the same pun.The tweet has had almost 30k likes and over 10k responses at the time of writing.

Most wanted to inform Greene she does not understand the meaning of pronouns.Hey grade school reject,those aren’t pronouns!!— FUCK MATT GAETZ(AKA Freddie B) (@MargarineTater) August 9, 2022When someone starts a post about their preferred pronouns, the reader might actually expect to see pronouns.

Just saying.— Wicked In So Many Ways (@WickedWays111) August 9, 2022Verb/proper noun Verb/noun Verb/noun Verb/proper noun Verb/noun Verb/Determiner/noun Adverb/number/noun Verb/noun/verb/preposition/noun Determiner/noun/preposition/noun/pronoun(1) Verb/noun/noun/noun Verb/noun/verb/noun/preposition/noun Verb/noun/adjective/noun Proper noun/number— Dresden WArloCK (@DresdenWarlock) August 10, 2022As a PhD in linguistics I regret to inform you that none of those words is a pronoun.

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