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Mother Victory Combats Anti-Asian Hate One Laugh at a Time

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TikTok sensation Mother Victory is shrouded in mystery. When asked their age by one of their 1.5 million followers, they replied, “666.” When asked what their real name is by fans, they provided “proof” in the form of child-like drawing of a passport which states: “First name: Mother, Last name: Victory.”  And when asked what their “real voice” sounds like (since in their videos they speak in an over-the-top, very eloquent, Tim Curry-esque accent), they gasp in horror, clutch their pearls, and declare, “How dare you say Mother Victory’s voice isn’t real!”What we do know about the diva-licious social media star is that they are super glamorous, extremely hilarious, part of the Asian-Pacific Islander population, and nonbinary.

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