Harry Styles on Understanding the Mind of a Closeted Gay Man for ‘My Policeman’ — TIFF

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William Earl Another red-hot star arrived at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday, as Harry Styles stopped by for the world premiere of his new drama, “My Policeman.” At a press conference early in the day, Styles said spoke about how he was able to get in the headspace of his character, the closeted policeman Tom. “I think he’s very curious,” Styles said. “I think he’s someone who is born into a very small world and, if you’re born into that kind of environment, you feel like you know where the edge of the world is.

Slowly throughout the story, I think he’s realizing that it is a little further away than Brighton. I think people live entire lives in very small bubbles like that, and if that’s how you’ve been brought up, and everyone around you and generations before you, your parents, etc.

have all lived within their kind of small bubble, it’s obviously very difficult to even picture the world outside of that. “So I think when he meets someone like [his lover] Patrick, who is well-traveled and likes art, he finds himself kind of being curious about those things,” Styles continued. “It’s feeding his curiosity, it’s kind of strange for him to be curious about stuff.

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