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Nevada GOP Attorney General Candidate Defends Use of Anti-Trans Slur

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Sigal Chattah, the Republican nominee for Nevada attorney general, is defending and doubling down on her use of an anti-transgender slur.In late September, Chattah drew criticism for using the t word (The Advocate won’t use the full term, but be warned, it’s used in the video below) and for saying there should be “a lot less” trans people.

Then recently, Las Vegas TV interviewer Brian Loftus asked her about her use of the term, which she has defended because, she said, it’s used in books and movies.“Since that community considers it offensive, why not use the term that that community does not deem offensive?” Loftus asked.“Like what, like drag queen?” Chattah responded, apparently unaware that most trans people are not drag queens and many drag queens are not trans.

Loftus clarified that he meant “transgender” and asked, “Would you consider a more sensitive path?” Chattah then went off on a tangent and asked if “granny” was offensive compared to “grandmother” and said the t word is not taboo and is “a part of American culture.” Actually, it is considered taboo by many trans people, who have pointed out that it’s often used by perpetrators during violent attacks.She said if the word is offensive to that community, she would apologize, but said change needs to come on a larger scale, with the term being banned in Hollywood, in American literature, and elsewhere.

She ignored that other slurs are used in movies and literature to portray bigotry but are generally not used in public discourse.The Human Rights Campaign, which condemned Chattah’s earlier use of the slur, issued another statement denouncing her continued defense of it.

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