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Wrabel on Writing Pride Anthem ‘Turn Up the Love’ and Combatting LGBTQ Hate: ‘You Can’t Invalidate an Existence’ (EXCLUSIVE)

McKinley Franklin editor Musician Wrabel remembers being in Nashville at a queer event not long after Tennesse Gov. Bill Lee introduced anti-LGBTQ legislation, including unprecedented bans on drag performances. “There [were] 15-20 drag queens singing ‘I’m Every Woman,’ just full sobbing,” Wrabel told Variety. “It struck me there…that even in the midst of this legislation being passed, [the] event was filled with joy, smiling, laughing, crying, dancing and singing.” For Wrabel, seeing that the community could “still dance, fight, sing and feel that connection” in the midst of such dark times stood as a reminder of the strength encompassed by LGBTQ people.

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