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Surprise! Yet another anti-drag legislator’s dragged-up past just surfaced, because of course it did

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Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and Texas State Rep. Nate Schlatzine both had their own recent moments in the spotlight, but Schroer is ready to take the stage.Fellow Missouri politician Justice Horn took to Twitter on Monday to give Schroer a taste of his own dragged up medicine.

Horn posted an old photo of the state senator in a blonde pigtail wig, with fake breasts under a t-shirt reading “Super sexy girl”.

Mhm.Let’s just say he was busted in more ways than one: Here’s a picture of Republican Missouri State Senator, Nick Schroer in drag.I’m starting to see a pattern—the politicians that are the most outspoken about banning drag, have photos that later surface of them in drag.

There’s a whole lot of projection going on from their side. spokespeople say there’s nothing “sinister” about him interacting with constituents.Schroer’s response was a limp as they always are, as he insisted that him putting on a wig and makeup for theatrical fun is totally different from when those yucky LGBTQ+ people put on a wig and makeup for theatrical fun.He really made his case:Just years ago MO dems used Halloween pics of me.

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