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Pedro Pascal Shares Support for the LGBTQ Community Amid Anti-Trans Legislation & Drag Show Bans

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Pedro Pascal is voicing his allyship. The 47-year-old The Last Of Us actor, who has a sister named Lux who came out as trans in 2021, shared photos of the LGBTQ+ Pride Flag on Sunday (March 5). “The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind. #LGBTQIA,” he wrote on his Instagram. Keep reading to find out more… The move comes amid an unprecedented surge of “more than 175 anti-LGBTQ bills in 32 states this year, including 23 that target children in schools and school sports,” via HRC.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has just signed a bill banning drag shows in public spaces as well, sparking national outcry, as other states across the country are proposing similar legislation, via NPR.

Meanwhile, House Bill 470, which would ban gender-affirming care in Kentucky for anyone under the age of 18, passed in the state’s House on a 75-22 vote, and is heading to the Senate, via NBC Lexington affiliate LEX18.

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