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Kentucky Senate committee advances anti-drag bill

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Kentucky state Sen. Lindsey Tichenor Opponents chant ‘shame’ after vote on proposal tolimit drag shows BRUCE SCHREINER | Associated Press RANKFORT, Ky. — Republican lawmakers on Thursday, March 2, advanced a bill aimed at putting limits on drag shows in Kentucky, sparking chants of “shame” from opponents who decried the measure as discriminatory and said it would stifle First Amendment rights. “This bill not only compromises or asks me to explain my humanity, but it also brings into question my livelihood,” drag performer Poly Tics told a GOP-led Kentucky Senate committee, which voted to advance the measure a few minutes later.

The measure would prohibit drag shows on public property or in places where the adult performances could be viewed by children. “This bill is not anti-LGBTQ,” said Republican Sen.

Lindsey Tichenor, the bill’s lead sponsor. “This bill is pro-children. For some reason, people want this type of content in front of children.

And I would dare ask, why? Why do we need to sexualize our children?” Violations of the bill would be punishable as misdemeanors for the first two offenses but would rise to a felony for subsequent offenses.

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