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We still can’t stop thinking about Olly Alexander’s epic pride speech at Glastonbury 2019 as festival returns
Olly Alexander shared a powerful speech to mark Pride month in 2019 and the importance of being his authentic self in his performances and daily life. Standing in front of large text on the stage reading ‘Queer is beautiful’, he began: ‘I talk about being gay – you might have already noticed some of the subtle messaging on stage – but I’m gay and I talk about being gay kind of a lot.‘I’m sure some people wish I would shut up about it sometimes, but I have my reasons and some of them are personal, because I spent such a long time wishing I wasn’t gay, being ashamed of that, so now it’s like I’m making up for lost time, you know?”His performance at the music festival came days after the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, a series of protests held by members of the gay community in 1969 after a police raid at the Stonewall Inn in New York. Olly, who will also perform at this year’s festival, continued: ‘The only reason I’m even able to be up here talking about my gay self is because of all the people that have came before me that fought for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.‘Sometimes we are referred to as the acronym LBGT, sometimes LGBTQ+, I personally like to use the word queer, but lots of people don’t like that word, and that’s because the word has a complicated and painful history.
Bafta TV Awards 2022: It’s A Sin fans outraged after powerful series ‘robbed in broad daylight’ despite 6 nominations
It’s A Sin fans were not happy after watching the 2022 Baftas and seeing that the cast and crew did not leave with a single award.The poignant LGBTQ+ Channel 4 drama – starring Olly Alexander of Years & Years – was expected to clean up at the 75th Bafta TV awards, after receiving not one, not two, but six nominations.However, the awards are being accused of ‘snubbing’ the Russell T Davis creation, with viewers outraged at how the cast and crew were ‘paid dust.’The show’s snub came as even more of a shock after It’s A Sin took home two gongs at the British Academy Television Craft Awards on April 24.It’s A Sin received a further five noms at the Craft Awards, taking home prizes after being recognised for direction, fiction, make-up and hair, casting, writing, and acting.Taking to Twitter during tonight’s show, viewers expressed their anger at how the powerful drama series didn’t ‘sweep’ the board, branding it ‘the greatest television series I’ve ever seen,’ for its emotive storytelling of a group of friends living in London amid the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s.One viewer wrote on Twitter: ‘The fact that It’s A Sin created such an incredible conversion around HIV/Aids, was one of the most talked about dramas last year and has walked away empty handed tonight with the BBC muting every clip is utterly baffling.’A follower replied to their tweet, echoing their frustration: ‘Im gutted. That series spoke louder than anything i watched last year.