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PrEP Advocate Damon L. Jacobs Gets Real (and Naked) in Splashy Web Series

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“What do you like about your body?”That’s typically one of the first questions that therapist, life coach, author, PrEP promoter, and longtime HIV activist Damon L.

Jacobs asks his guests on his YouTube show, Tub Talks With Damon L. Jacobs. This query is posed while Jacobs and his guests (mostly men, but sometimes women, too) are naked and sitting inches from each other in a sudsy bathtub.Launched after COVID, Tub Talks allows people like a U=U proponent (Randy Davis), a sex writer (Alexander Cheves), a “thickfluencer” (Alex Borsa), a journalist and ACT UP legend (Liz Highleyman), and even one of President Obama’s HIV experts (Greg Millett) to talk about everything from self-esteem to self-care to substance abuse to sex positivity.

Tub Talks, now with dozens of episodes available, is the latest feather in Jacobs’s cap, a New York-based marriage and family therapist who first became known in HIV circles for his early support of PrEP and U=U knowledge.

Jacobs spoke to us recently about the origin of Tub Talks and why so many people let loose when their clothes come off.Tub Talks host Damon L.

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