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Queer People Are Sharing Their "Actually I'm Super Gay And This Is My Partner" Moments, And I'm Cackling

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—u/TenThousandKobolds"Yes, Carl. Because brides are known for sharing their wedding with Deb from HR. It’s a great way to save money on venue fees!"—u/SuspiciousPaperclip"My ex and I who look nothing remotely alike used to get told it was nice to see sisters that were so close."—u/FemmeCreature"Love to see it.

Sisters holding hands. With matching rings. And kissing...wait a minute..."—u/SuspiciousPaperclip"I had two female friends who were in a long-term relationship stay with me for a weekend in college and come to some parties with me.

My male friend saw them making out at one point and was like, 'Wow, they must be really good friends,' and when I mentioned that they were dating, he just said, 'Oh shoot, I kept trying to hit on one of them!

Lucky them.'They had literally been holding hands and affectionate with each other the whole night (the girlfriends) so I think it was just wishful thinking on my other friend's part, LOL."—u/argnsoccer"At a wedding fair, pre-marriage, holding hands and generally being cute AF.

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