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'RHOSLC's Whitney Rose on Friction With Heather Gay and Finding Friendship With Lisa Barlow in Season 3

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.The once unbreakable force of Whitney Rose and Heather Gay's friendship cracks this year, as the close pals/cousins' bond is tested amid shifting dynamics within the group.

As fans have seen in sneak peeks, the two get into a near-physical altercation, seemingly over a discussion surrounding rumors involving their one-time joint sworn-enemy, Lisa Barlow, trading favors for her tequila business — allegations Lisa denies."[Heather] pushes me, and that changed everything forever," Whitney tells ET. «Those rumors that we hear about in the super-teases and all of that, people don’t want to own who started it, who said it, and people don't like to be called out on their stuff.

So, when you have someone who's trying to lie, and someone's really challenging them, they’re gonna get angry.»That plays right into what Whitney says is her biggest lesson learned in season 3: «Always keep it 100 percent real.

Lies always come to the surface.»Whitney has a hand in the rumor drama, seemingly repeating information Meredith Marks presented to her about Lisa.

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