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'RHOSLC's Heather Gay 'Shook' by Fallout With Whitney Rose in 'Tumultuous' Season 3 (Exclusive)

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Real Housewife, Heather Gay jokes she's «beaten down.»«By life and by these b***hes!» the  OG cracks to ET over video call. «No, am I different?

I just feel like I'm still the same sad sack I've always been, but now I just am richer and more famous. Aside from that, it's still the same routine.»«The truth is, being friends with everybody and just the experiences we've gone through it's-- I mean, these are big, big things that we've experienced, you know?» she reflects. «I don't know how many other Housewives have had a SWAT team surround their party bus, but we've been in the s**t.

We've seen some stuff. So, I think that's a factor for sure.»Self-deprecation and sprinter van swarms aside, Heather can say she's growing through the process of putting her life out there for public consumption on reality TV, a life she honestly thought was over when she made the decision to separate herself from the Mormon church. «I'm kind of finally coming into a small sense of self that I've never really had before,» she confesses, «and I'm also coming out of what I feel safe to say was the very darkest period of my life.

It's kind of a new awakening.»«I joke that I’m like Kimmy Schmidt, you know?» she continues, referencing the Netflix comedy that saw Ellie Kemper play a woman acclimating to life in New York City after living in a cult, in an underground bunker, for most of her life. «Just pretend I was in a vault for 40 years,» Heather says.

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