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Newly Elected School Board Member Wants All LGBTQ+ Symbols Removed

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MOUNT JULIET, Tennessee (WSMV) -- A Wilson County school board member says LGBTQ flags and stickers along with other symbols that represent a group or belief should be taken out of classrooms.And newly elected school board member, Joseph Padilla, said he is looking to create school policy around that matter.Padilla said the genesis of the move was concerns brought to him by parents who say those LGBTQ flags or stickers shouldn’t be in the classrooms.“This isn’t Joe’s opinion, this is Wilson County’s opinion,” Padilla said. “They elected me.

And when I spoke with them, a lot of them had problems using taxpayer’s money, their money for a building we’re displaying things that they feel shouldn’t be there.”“A lot of parents feel that society is over-sexualizing anything as it is and they feel the school should be the sanctuary that doesn’t have any of that stuff in it.

It should be about geometry or English or history,” he added.Padilla said he also feels those symbols don’t belong in a classroom where there should be uniformity.I feel that each class should be an equalizer for all students and we shouldn’t promote one group in front of another,” Padilla saidAnd that’s the point the school board member said he is trying to make.“It should be somewhere they go to learn and don’t have to look at something they might not agree with that lifestyle,” Padilla said.“I think that there shouldn’t be extra hurdles placed in front of a child seeking a public health resource,” said Erin Moore, a parent with children in the school district and has a child in the LGBTQ Community.Moore said the stickers are a health resource to help LGBTQ students who could be dealing with things like depression or other issues.“The safe space stickers are.

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