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Sir Ian McKellen says Hamlet is bisexual, so happy Pride to Shakespeare lovers

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Shelley King: I was 42 when I came out to my parentsAsh Palmisciano: I’m just a guy who took the scenic route to get hereCreating a LGBT Love Island isn’t rocket science: An investigation‘Well, that rather appealed to me, coming from a family of “do-gooders”.‘I hadn’t felt up to that time that I was disadvantaged by the laws of the land which made it illegal for me to make love, because I simply broke the law.‘But of course when I grew up and understood what the actual laws were – and this pernicious new little law (Section 28) that was being brought in, very mean spirited, inhibiting children to being introduced to the fact of homosexuality in society – it was only when I realised that there was grave injustice, that I realised it was a.

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