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SNL’s Bowen Yang and Joel Kim Booster talk about their “life changing” friendship

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Taking to Booster’s podcast, Joy F*ck Club, the two dive into how they were first introduced by a white mutual friend. “[Th friend] literally said the words, ‘You’re both gay and Asian, and do comedy.

You should be friends,” Booster explained. “I believe we put off meeting [for] a full calendar year, if not longer. Because we were so stubborn – I was immediately suspicious.” Yang agreed with Booster, stating: “I was immediately turned off.

When we finally did get together it was like. ‘Oh, this is so much better than trying to forge a path as the only one.” During the podcast, Booster confided in Yang, that he was his first gay Asian friend. “I think [you’re] the first other gay Asian friend that I have ever had.

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