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Song You Need: Bear1Boss’s “20TWOTWO Benz!” is rap to blast on the Rainbow Road

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Bear1Boss ends every song on his new self-titled album with an exclamation mark. It's an indicator of what to expect from the Atlanta rapper's style, and perhaps the only trace of subtlety to be found in connection with it.

On the self-titled project and the two others that have dropped this year, Bear1Boss approaches the new era of SoundCloud rap with a collagist's mentality: Sometimes it feels like you could play two or three of his tracks simultaneously and produce the ultimate internet rap song.

However, there's a conducted chaos behind Bear1Boss's music, exemplified by "20TWOTWO Benz!” The video game drops, producer tag bloopers, and tumultuous sound effects peppered across the song – a staple of Bear1's manager and go-to producer Popstar Benny – are a cluster strike that will demolish even the most resolute of attention spans, all in the name of flexing. "Hot Sauce trendy trendy, he sets trends" Bear1 sings, his voice covered in an Autotuned dreamcoat as he croons out an ode to luxury items.

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