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Straight Men Are Sharing The Strangest Things They Were Told Not To Do Because "That's Gay"

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u/justinduderino"Somebody called me gay for doing that before too. I didn't realize as a hetero, I was supposed to die of skin cancer."—[u/deleted]"My boss refuses to wear sunscreen because it is for gays."—u/flithymick"I'm gay, and I wear sunscreen because skin cancer is for straight men."—u/kindredflame—u/FalseAlarmEveryone"Hell, if the theater isn’t crowded, you can bet I’m not gonna sit next to anyone because there’s no need to fight over an armrest."—u/gaddeh"That movie theater thing was still prevalent a few years ago when I worked at one.

Dudes seeing a movie together almost always left an empty seat between them. Even when the staff would watch something together after closing, guys would always leave an empty seat in between.

So bizarre."—u/BlNGPOT—u/mybustersword"Fellas, is it gay to want to please your lady? Kinda sus."—u/Chi-KC"That’s the gay agenda you’ve heard so much about.

We go around giving women the best sex of their lives in order to make straight men look bad! It’s a long-term project."—u/Isimagen—u/random_username_94"Having close male friends = gay."Having close female friends = gay."Evidently, one can't win."—u/Veauros"The straightest thing in the world is to quietly spiral into depression alone, in the privacy of your own home."—u/CrazyPlato—u/Anxious-Market"Real men get wet.

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