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This sexy Pokémaniac loves bringing attention to niche games & his smooth physique

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A post shared by Jason Kentaro (@jasonkentaro)Jason Kentaro isn’t your run-of-the-mill basic bitch Insta-twink posting speedo-clad thirst traps.

This young, SoCal-based photographer excels at creating images and collages that juxtapose nubility with quasi-historical aesthetics.

These eccentricities permeate every aspect of Jason’s life, even into his gayming. As a lifelong Pokémaniac, his favorite Pokémon is the cute and quirky Togekiss.A post shared by Jason Kentaro (@jasonkentaro)“Kind of bizarre and different,” mused Jason. “Cherubic in a form that’s slightly alien?

Or at least different enough to wonder exactly where it came from.”This Switch aficionado confessed to “constantly playing Pokémon Unite,” and within the last year has crushed both Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon: Scarlet, two games that owe a lot to the iconic Breath of the Wild.

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