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Zac Efron’s younger brother Dylan shows off his “full moon” & more in thirsty adventure photos

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A post shared by Dylan Efron (@dylanefron)For those of us who grew up on The Disney Channel, Zac Efron‘s been a mainstay crush ever since he was “breakin’ free” in High School Musical.And now that he’s in fighting shape to play part of a real-life wrestling dynasty in the biopic The Iron Claw, we’re reminded that our Efron obsession isn’t going anywhere.But it’s recently come to our attention that Zac’s actually got some pretty stiff crush competition—and it’s his own brother, Dylan!Efron, 31, may not be as much of a household name as his older brother Zac, though he’s carving out an impressive career for himself as a filmmaker and content creator.A post shared by Dylan Efron (@dylanefron)Dylan’s a producer on both seasons of Zac’s Netflix travel series, Down To Earth, which sees the star globe-trotting and learning lessons about green, clean sustainable living along the way.

In the second season, set entirely in Australia, Dylan joins his brother on-camera, putting their sibling antics on full display.Of course, one quick look at Dylan’s Instagram proves that he remains pretty active and adventurous, even when he’s not filming his brother’s show.

His page is full of photos and videos from his stunning trips around the world… and Dylan’s not to bad to look at either.A post shared by Dylan Efron (@dylanefron)Actually, both his Instagram page and his YouTube channel—where he’s hosted his own travel series called Flow State—are an embarrassment of riches.

Come for the “vacation porn” and stay for the many, many photos and videos where Dylan strips down to just a tiny pair of shorts (and sometimes even less).He especially caught our attention with a “cheeky” post this past March where he showed off his full moon over Joshua.

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