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PHOTOS: An appreciation post about Manu Ríos’ plunging male cleavage

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Netflix‘s blockbuster telenovela Élite, Manu has recently taken to flashing his rippling muscles in a more demure and fashion-forward manner that still gets everyone hot and bothered in all the right ways.

Over the last two years, Manu has worked the red carpet in a barrage of sexy plunging ensembles that flaunted his chiseled chesticles and challenged the norms of just how low men are willing to go.

In fact, not since the rise and fall of American Apparel’s Deep V-Neck has man-cleavage (or should we say Manu-cleavage?) been so proudly and unapologetically displayed for mass consumption.From coast to coast and around the world, Manu has been the low-cut neckline king the world has been waiting for.

All hail!Now, without any further ado, click through to bear witness to Manu Ríos’ skintastic fashion slays …View Full PostManu’s décolletage almost made us forget that Pedro Pascal missed the A Strange Way of Life premiere.View Full PostA shirt underneath his blazer would completely destroy this lewk.

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