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This sexy gaymer is an expert at ‘Elden Ring’, ‘Hades’, and flaunting his ripped body

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The Gayvengers, a hardcore homoerotic parody of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But since the cameras stopped rolling, David continues to make nerdy magic… literally.

As an avid gaymer, this tasty twunk gravitates towards sword-and-sorcery series, tracing back to his interest in the iconic RPG Skyrim.“My gaming is limited to things that I just hyper-focus on forever,” David Ace explained to Queerty during a FaceTime interview over the weekend. “For context, Skyrim came out over 10 years ago.

And that is something that I still dabble in once in a while. I just love anything that feels very open world. Of course, with a lot of magic.

If there isn’t magic involved in the game, if I don’t get to cast spells, I have no interest. So Skyrim was one of those early games for me that hit hard and still has a grip on me to this day.”A post shared by Jay N (@davidacexx)Don’t let the “GayComicGeek” moniker fool you, Paul Charles’ nerdy purview permeates beyond just comic book culture.

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