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Will LGBTQ+ People and Allies in Texas Need to Flee the State?

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Texas Standard about LGBTQ+ Texans reconsidering their future in the state. In the story, Texas real estate broker Bob McCranie talks about a new relocation service he launched called Flee Texas, which is designed to help queer people sell their house and find a trusted real estate agent in another state — a state with more reliable protection of LGBTQ+ rights.The article goes on to say that McCranie started thinking about launching his new website around the time a draft leaked of the Dobbs Supreme Court opinion, which ended up overturning Roe v.

Wade. “A lot of the LGBTQ people I hang out with were having this conversation quietly,” McCranie told the Standard. “And as the decision leaked and things were happening, I was like, I need to take some action on this.”This all of course is also a response to the Texas GOP.

When I first saw the news about what the Texas state Republicans did at their party’s biennial convention in Houston last month, I felt like I was in a time machine, transported back to the 1960s when homosexuality was considered abhorrent, illegal, and immoral, and so many of us were repressed by society.Their grotesque platform also has shades of the 1992 presidential election.

One of that year's candidates, Pat Buchanan, whose homophobia was only outdone by his former boss Richard Nixon, led the way in condemning our community.

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