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The Muppets, Laverne Cox, And 13 Other People And Things That Made LGBTQ+ Folks Feel Represented

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Y Tu Mamá También that culminates in a kiss dissolving the limits of possibility, the queer longing for connection that permeates A Home at the End of the World, and the barbed revolutionary romp of The Dreamers, all of which somehow slipped past my parents’ radar.

Suffice it to say, I had a thing for messy bisexuals. Now a messy bisexual adult, I look at each of these as critical moments in my becoming — a journey that each of us tread as we slowly define who are we and envision who we want to be.

As all of us continue our chosen paths forward, BuzzFeed asked 15 LGBTQ+ people when they first saw themselves reflected back in the environment around them.

In their stories of life-changing friendships, favorite books, and even a gender-ambiguous Dairy Queen dessert, it’s clear that representation isn’t just important.

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