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‘Young Royals’ stars are headed back to boarding school for a steamy second season

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Young Royals, is just around the corner. And we can barely stand the wait!The series—which has been described as The Crown meets Gossip Girl—concerns itself with Swedish prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) who is enrolled at a prestigious boarding school after he brings some bad press to the family name.

There, he’s able to assert his individuality for the first time in his life, and winds up falling for a fellow student named Simon (Omar Rudberg).

Things get heated between them rather quickly.Related: Finally, a royal romance that’s a different kind of fairy tale…The first season ended, like so many binge-able shows do, with a lot of unanswered questions, making the year-plus wait for new episodes especially grueling for the series’ large, vocal fan base.

But with season two set to launch on Netflix on November 1, the press blitz is ramping up, and the stans are being fed. A post shared by GAY TIMES (@gaytimes)For one, the latest edition of Gay Times features Ryding and Rudberg as its cover stars, which already has the Whilem-Simon ‘shippers (“Wilmon,” as they refer to the pair), screaming with glee.As the story points out, the success of Young Royals has turned the two Swedish actors into proper global stars, with a combined Instagram following of 4 million.

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