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League of Legends unveils first Black queer hero in epic monster-slaying trailer

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League of Legends has finally revealed its newest Champion, and the prideful warrior is a historic queer first for the franchise.The Shuriman hunter K’Sante is set to become the franchise’s first Black queer warrior, and the first character to be openly marketed as queer upon release.His first teaser trailer is ambiguously titled “The Hunter’s Pride”:“Pride” takes on a triple-meaning here: the obvious queer Pride, the hero’s storied hubris, and his apparent connection to a lion-like creature shown in the teaser.The hunter was officially announced to be queer on Twitter by his voice actor, DeObria Oparei, following the release of the teaser.The actor specifies that he’s “portraying the first LGBTQ black Champion Warrior”:I’m excited to give life and voice to K’Sante and make history portraying the first LGBTQ black Champion Warrior @LeagueOfLegends— DeObia Oparei (@DeObia) October 13, 2022Related: Lil Nas X is taking over the world-of League of Legends, that isK’Sante’s addition to the roster has been teased for weeks.

The new champion was spotlighted by the League of Legends team last month in their collaboration with fellow Black LGBTQ+ champion, Lil Nas X.The singer was announced to be collaborating with the team on developing an exclusive Prestige skin for the upcoming hero, in addition to his releasing his “Star Walkin’” League Worlds anthem.A new animated trailer titled “Defeat Your Monster” introduces the hero locked in an epic battle with a gargantuan beast — and explains how he faced the monster inside himself.Featured in K’Sante’s backstory is the tale of how he lost his love, only addressed as “The Archer”.

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