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Trystan Reese on how to deal with bullying while raising amazing kids

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Earlier this summer, on a warm Friday evening in Portland, Oregon, a family of five sat down for a pizza dinner. The scene couldn’t have felt more traditional — three kids, two parents, and a few large cheese pies.

But Trystan Reese, 38, and Biff Chaplow, 35, are helping to redefine the word “traditional”: In 2017, the couple was thrust into the national spotlight when Reese, a transgender man, became pregnant with the biological child of Chaplow, who identifies as gay.Now their youngest, 4-year-old Leo, is a toddler foil to his older siblings, Hailey, 11, and  Riley, 13.Hailey and Riley, who also goes by Lucas, were adopted first, in 2011, after they were removed from Chaplow’s sister’s home.

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