Marc Malkin-Senior Alan Ball Star Peter-Macdissi Lebanon Marc Malkin-Senior Alan Ball Star Peter-Macdissi Lebanon

‘Uncle Frank’ Star Peter Macdissi Talks Working With Partner Alan Ball on the Indie Gay Drama

Marc Malkin Senior Film Awards, Events & Lifestyle EditorWhen Peter Macdissi first began going on auditions, there weren’t many roles for a young man from the Middle East.“It’s getting better,” the 46-year-old Lebanese actor and producer tells Variety. “On TV, there are some things right now, and it’s really getting better.

When I first started in my twenties or early thirties, oh my God, there was nothing. There was absolutely nothing. Right now, it’s amazing with Amazon and Netflix and all of it.

You have a wide range and that’s very good. I enjoy the fact that we have a lot of things from different parts of the world and different kinds of people.

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