Dunja Mijatović Andrzej Duda Poland city Warsaw, Poland lgbtq Europe Dunja Mijatović Andrzej Duda Poland city Warsaw, Poland

Update: Polish police detain 48 LGBTQ+activists


Police in the Polish capital Warsaw have detained 48 activists who were protesting the anti-LGBTQ+ regime of president Andrzej Duda who was re-elected last month, giving him another five years in office.

The protestors attempted to stop the police from arresting three activists who were prosecuted for hanging rainbow flags off of multiple statues in Warsaw; one of these activists- Margot- has now been detained for two months in police facilities.Dunja Mijatovic, the commissioner for human rights at the Council of Europe, has referred to the detention of the activists as a ‘very chilling signal’ for LGBTQ+ rights in Poland and has called for the release of Margot immediately.

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