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Walmart Accused of Allegedly Discriminating Against Trans Man

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The Hill that the company is taking Hyatt’s complaint “seriously.”Walmart does not “tolerate discrimination of any kind,” the spokesperson said. “We will respond to the claim as appropriate.”Hyatt’s complaint is one of several legal challenges the retail giant has faced alleging that they have discriminated against transgender employees based on their gender identity.In December, a trans former employee sued the company for failing to act when co-workers and managers repeatedly used her deadname in conversations about her and on official documents.In 2018, Walmart settled a lawsuit brought by a former employee in North Carolina who claimed she had been fired in retaliation for complaining to her supervisors about on-the-job harassment at the hands of her co-workers.A year earlier, the U.S.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sided with a transgender female worker at Sam’s Club, a subsidiary of Walmart, finding she had been denied health care and employment opportunities because of her gender identity.

That finding, as well as other complaints alleging anti-transgender discrimination led the Human Rights Campaign to suspend the company’s perfect rating on its Corporate Equality Index later that year..

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