Was Tammy Faye Bakker a queer ally?

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There’s a scene well into 2021’s The Eyes of Tammy Faye that presents the main character as a staunch queer ally. The film, written by Abe Sylvia and directed by Michael Showalter, is a portrait of the Christian evangelist and television personality Tammy Faye Bakker¹.

The scene takes place in the 1980s just as Tammy Faye (played by Jessica Chastain) and her husband Jim Bakker (Andrew Garfield) were starting to make a name for themselves as TV preachers.

It shows her taking on Jerry Falwell (Vincent D’Onofrio), another televangelist and pastor of a megachurch. At a gathering of Christian leaders, the famously homophobic Falwell is spouting some bullshit about queer people and our threat to society.

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