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WATCH: Lifetime drops trailer for the gay-themed ‘The Christmas Setup,’ and we’re in love

Need a bit of help to get in the holiday spirit in days of pandemic and political nincompoopery? Look no further: the trailer for The Christmas Setup, Lifetime’s first LGBTQ-themed holiday film, has arrived.The Christmas Setup follows Hugo (Ben Lewis) a successful, big-city gay man who returns to the more midwestern Milwaukee to celebrate Christmas with the family.

Though he brings his best friend (Ellen Wong) along for moral support, Hugo’s mom (Fran Drescher) has something else in mind: setting Hugo up with Patrick (Blake Lee) his former high school crush, who has since come out of the closet himself.Related: Meet the real life husbands set to star in Lifetime’s new gay-themed Christmas movieWith a gay icon like Drescher and real-life.

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