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What exactly is the “gay agenda”? Redditors weigh in

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For as much as homophobes whine about the “gay agenda,” surely one of us must know what it is, right?Yeah, of course it’s not a real thing.

GLAAD defines the “so-called ‘homosexual agenda’” as “inventions of anti-gay extremists seeking to create a climate of fear by portraying the pursuit of equal opportunity for LGBT people as sinister.”But if the gay agenda were a real thing, what would it be?

Reddit users proposed agenda items after one person wrote, “I’m gay, but I don’t know the gay agenda. Can someone fill me in?”Many of the commenters brought the funny. “If you have not received your gay agenda pamphlet, you need to call the number on the back of your gay card,” one person wrote.Here are some other comments from the thread:“Be gay,.

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