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Woman explains why she’s marrying her gay best friend and the Internet has thoughts

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A woman’s post explaining why she’s marrying her best friend has captured the internet’s attention.Taking to Reddit with a “burner account, because wayyy too many of my friends use” the platform, she provided the context.“I (20f) come from a culture where it’s very normal for your parents to set you up with a marriage partner,” she wrote. “My parents have had these family friends since immigrating to America ages ago, and they have a son around my age (22m).

Both families had decided to marry us off to each other pretty much since my birth. My ‘fiancé,’ who I’ll call M and I pretty much grew up together because of this.

He’s my best friend, my soulmate, and my ride or die.”Related: The Internet has some strong words for ‘selfish’ man who came out at sister’s weddingSetting aside the debate over arranged marriages, this sounds like it could have been a lucky break.

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