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WATCH: This gay teen basketball story takes a familiar genre to unexpected new places

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Golden Delicious proves this by finding another fresh angle on the familiar genre, centering its story on an Asian-Canadian teen named Jake who explores his jock side just as he’s beginning to question his own sexuality.A senior in high school, Jake (Cardi Wong) is feeling pressure from all sides: Pressure to figure out what he wants to do with his life, pressure from his father (Ryan Mah) who wants him to join the basketball team, and pressure from his girlfriend (Parmiss Sehat) to have sex for the first time.

It’s a lot for one guy to handle!Things get even more complicated when a new neighbor, Aleks (Chris Carson), movies in. Handsome, proudly gay, and obsessed with basketball, Aleks’ charms throw Jake for a loop.

Attempting to get closer to Aleks—while simultaneously making his father happy—Jake decides to try out for the basketball team.

But is that what he really wants? Is Aleks what he really wants?Related: Hopelessly devoted: movies that relish the joy of first loveThe first feature-length film from award-winning director Jason Karman, Golden Delicious uses Jake’s burgeoning queer romance as a springboard to explore themes like family, legacy, and authenticity.

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