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Zelenskyy’s Bravery Is Nothing New to the LGBTQ+ Community

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Russian invasion and bombardment.The images of the mass destruction of Ukrainian cities caused by Russian artillery and the heartbreaking scenes of Ukrainian citizens fleeing their war-torn country are also causing flashbacks to the devastation and refugee crisis of World War II.Watching families get slaughtered, seeing little children desperate and fearful, and witnessing the invalid and elderly cross treacherous, makeshift bridges in order to escape have all been gut-wrenching scenes.In interviews of Ukrainians as they cross the border into neighboring safe havens, there is genuine hate for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has destroyed thousands of lives in his delusional attempt to restore the old Soviet Union.However, to a person, not only in Ukraine or the countries where refugees have fled, there is a stoic admiration for Zelenskyy.

He is revered not only by Ukrainians but the world over, giving us all a lesson in leadership.He has shown humanity the importance of fighting for freedom.

He has boldly recorded video of himself in the streets of Kyiv and in his office, and held news conferences with global journalists in his bunker.

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