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Florida GOP Is Exploiting Children — Not LGBTQ+ Advocates

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frightening conversation with ABC News Foreign Correspondent James Longman about the possibility of Vladimir Putin pulling down the Iron Curtain again in Russia, and how that would adversely impact the LGBTQ+ community.

Putin’s move to close the country would be devastating, subjecting the Russian LGBTQ+ communities to even more discrimination than they experience now, including making them increasingly vulnerable to verbal and physical attacks.I don’t want to immix the horror of what’s going on in Russia with what’s happening around this country with LGBTQ+ kids, particularly in Florida with the “Don’t Say Gay” bills; however, the sheer fact that LGBTQ+ children are being singled out and being used as blatant political hostages to win votes is straight out of the playbook of an autocratic state.Since the start of the year, conservative state lawmakers have filed more than 170 anti-LGBTQ+ bills — already surpassing last year’s 139 total — with at least 69 of them centered on school policies, according to Freedom for All Americans. “What we’re seeing here is anti-LGBTQ groups, on a national level, making schools the new battleground across the board, across various kinds of school policies and various forms of legislation.

Schools are the target right now for the anti-LGBTQ movement,” Mary Emily O’Hara, the rapid response manager at GLAAD wrote about a slate of book bans.

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