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23 Movies You Can Watch On YouTube If You Just Like Boys Kissing Each Other

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Just an FYI – none of these films are sexually explicit, but some of them do get a little steamy, hence why they aren't all available to play on this page without heading onto YouTube.Hetero best friends and roommates, Jay and Alex, spend a whole day debating sexuality before deciding to try something new.Directed by: Sophie KargmanStarring: Justice Smith, Graham Patrick MartinWhen David returns home from college, he finds a hired hand named Brent kipping in his bedroom.

Brent's the strong-and-silent type, and David can't help but by intrigued by his new roomie.Directed by: Tyler ReevesStarring: Cooper Stone, Damian Joseph Quinn, Lauren Elyse BuckleyTwo "straight" guys hook up on a whim.

Afterwards, they try to resolve their very different feelings about the encounter.Directed by: Branden BlinnStarring: Carlos Salas, Nick SoperA basketball team is rocked by a disagreement between two players, one of whom is seriously anti-gay.

Behind the scenes, however, his home life paints a very different picture.Directed by: Branden BlinnStarring: William Jennings, Lee Amir-Cohen, Ronnie ProutyA man spends the night with another guy, but wakes up and instantly regrets his decision.

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