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Aaron Schock

Aaron Jon Schock (born May 28, 1981) is a former American politician who was Republican U.S. Representative for Illinois's 18th congressional district from 2009 until 2015. The district is based in Peoria and includes part of Springfield. He was the first member of the U.S. Congress born in the 1980s; when he took his seat in 2009 he was the youngest member of Congress. Previously, Schock had served two terms in the Illinois House of Representatives, also as its youngest member.

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5 times anti-gay bigots were caught engaging in very pro-gay behavior behind closed doors

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Rep. Glenn Thompson made headlines recently after it was revealed that he voted against protecting same-sex marriage rights and then jetted off to celebrate his gay son’s wedding three days later.Audio from the Pennsylvania Republican’s toast at the wedding leaked a few days after that.

In it, he could be clearly heard saying that he was “thankful” that his son found his “true love,” and welcomed the new husband into the family with open arms..@BuzzfeedNews uncovers new audio of Rep.

Glenn Thompson's (R-PA) speech at his gay son's wedding three days after voting against federal recognition of same-sex marriages:"This has been a really good experience … to have a new son enter the family … We're just blessed."— The Recount (@therecount) July 26, 2022Conveniently left out of Thompson’s toast was any mention of the fact that he was one of 157 Republicans who voted against the Respect for Marriage Act, which seeks to repeal the Clinton-era Defense of Marriage Act and require federal recognition of same-sex marriages in the United States.Arizona’s GOP nominee for governor looked like quite the hypocrite when photos of her partying with a famous Phoenix drag queen emerged online earlier this summer right after she joined her fellow Republicans in targeting drag performers, insinuating they’re all perverts and pedophiles.

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