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6 Minutes of Terror: How the Deadly Club Q Shooting Unfolded

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(CNN) — Michael Anderson was mixing drinks at Club Q Saturday night when he heard popping sounds amid the loud, thumping music.He wasn't worried at first.

The pops sounded like some sound effects popular at LGBTQ clubs, the bartender told CNN's Don Lemon. Then he looked up and a figure came into his line of sight, clutching a weapon."I saw the outline of a man wearing a rifle at the entrance of the club," he said.Anderson froze.Confused and suddenly terrified, he ducked behind the bar.

All around him came a chaotic mix of gunfire, screams and breaking glass."Glass began to spew everywhere all around me," he said. "It hit me this was actually happening, in real life, to me and my friends. ...

I feared I was not going to make it out of that club alive. I have never prayed so sincerely and quickly in my life as I did in that moment."Anderson kept his head down until the gunshots stopped, then ran out of the building tosafety.

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