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A long lost campy horror—starring Natasha Lyonne—is back from the dead

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Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a re-watch.Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Elvira, Natasha Lyonne, and schlock-loving drag queen Peaches Christ walk into a movie theater… ring any bells?

You’d be forgiven if not, because their movie, All About Evil, has only been the stuff of midnight-movie legend—until now!On one gloomy night (we presume) in 2010, a dense, eerie fog hangs over the Bay Area (you’re picturing it, right?), where The San Francisco International Film Festival dares to premiere the unthinkable: The feature film debut of director Joshua Grannell… also known as the legendary drag artist Peaches Christ! *thunder crashes*That film?

All About Evil, a campy horror-comedy that had “future cult classic” written all over it—in blood! *a black cat shrieks*Except, after a limited theatrical run, the film disappeared without a trace, only to be whispered about in arthouse theaters and drag bars across the nation.

For over a decade, fans have been clamoring to feast their eyes on the monstrosity, but only now are they getting their wish: In collaboration with Shudder and Severin Films, Peaches Christ is reviving All About Evil from the dead!Related: Nine Queens Who Turned Their Drag Careers Into Some Serious CoinA low-budget horror movie tribute to the greatest low-budget horror movies in history, All About Evil is the exact kind of feature you’d expect from a ghoulish drag queen like Peaches Christ: Campy, bloody, and so very gay.

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