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Arizona politics are a drag

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GOP’s priorities are seriously skewed in Arizona’s legislature Arizona starts the year off right by protecting children from lace front wigs, stoned tights and faces beat for the gods!

The list of threats to children in the United States is very long. Off the top of my head, I can name gun violence, car accidents, cancer, drug overdoses, suicide and abuse and neglect — not to mention the long-term health consequences for kids who are exposed to environmental toxins and those who live in poverty.

For a political party that claims to care so much about children, it’s strange what Republicans actually focus on when they claim they’re trying to protect kids.

Because they’ve already made it very clear that they don’t care about gun violence. Or pollution. Or poverty. They choose guns over kids’ lives every time; they claim environmental protections are Marxist, and they think that poor kids made a bad choice to be born poor in the first place.

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