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This savvy Girl Scout just cornered the WeHo cookie market and, honey, we’re sold!

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And it looks like she’s having a blast doing it:A post shared by WEHO TIMES (@weho_times)You just know the rest of her troop is jealous!On the upside, somebody’s getting a flood of orders.“Siena is participating in a cookie sale to earn money to support Girl Scouts and we thought, what better place to sell cookies than in West Hollywood?” Levin tells the WeHo Times.“We were here last weekend,” she recalls. “A guy named Adam said he ate through all his boxes.

He came back this weekend and said, ‘Are you going to pay for my weight watchers?’ I told him that I’m a hypnotherapist, so if he ever wants to cut back on the sweets, to call me.”While they might be flooding the streets of WeHo with sugar and carbs, they’re also flooding it with smiles.“I was dreading selling Girl Scout cookies, but the gays have made it so much fun that now I’m happy to drive 40 mins to sell cookies,” Levin says. “We were so excited that drag queen Billy [Francesca] bought the last 4 boxes of Lemon-ups, so mom could go home and relax with a glass of wine.”Siena looks jubilant in her pic with Francesca, who dons a modest zebra-print dress.

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