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At the beginning of the Ukraine war I hid in bomb shelters, now I ignore the sirens and stay put

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Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine.I was terrified, shocked, and confused. I knew that I needed to leave my apartment in Kyiv immediately.It took me 40 minutes to pack my suitcase and get to the car.

The military aircraft flew low and terrifyingly loud. That was a surreal experience – it was hard to realise whether it was a reality or the worst nightmare of my life.Just like other Ukrainians, I wasn’t ready for war and the devastation and suffering it brings.Now, over four months later, I’m still trying to cope with all the changes.

Today I don’t have a permanent home in Kyiv, a city where I have lived since 2010. I brought all my belongings to my parents’ house in Ternopil, which is located in the western part of the country.The entertainment industry I have worked in since 2015 has been heavily affected by the war.

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