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27 Just A+++ Gay Twitter Reactions To Beyoncé's "Renaissance," That'll Have You Both Laughing And Dancing

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Summer RenaissanceI can already see drunk gays climbing the PF Chang horsebeyoncé a little too good at this gay shit fr like what u getting down toAlright Beyoncé, the album is out.

Now let’s talk business. How much these concert tickets finna be? #renaissanceCuff It is Blow with a descovy prescriptionThe album is called Renaissance bc Da Vinci and Michelangelo would be kissing in the club if they heard itGay Twitter timeline all in perfect harmony and unison because everyone loves and cherishes Renaissance - Beyoncé did the unthinkableBeyoncé made this album for the gays and GWORLS.

She’s eating DOWN #RENAISSANCEThis Beyoncé album is for the Girls, Gays , & Theys. IYKYK .beyoncé deserve a glaad award for how gay this album is… #Rennaissanceme trying to vogue to PURE/HONEYCongratulations to Beyoncé for, among many other things, beating the Covid map on the New York Times appBeyoncé dropping an album called Renaissance when smallpox is making a comeback.

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