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Bisexuals Less Likely Than Gays and Lesbians to Be Out at Work

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A new study has found bisexuals reported experiencing less workplace discrimination than their gay and lesbian counterparts, although the findings suggest the disparity may be the result of fewer bisexuals being out at work.The report from the UCLA School of Law Williams Institute, entitled “The Role of Sexual Orientation and Gender in Workplace Experiences of Cisgender LGB Employees” surveyed 935 LGB adults about their workplace experiences.The key findings of the report showed that significantly fewer bisexuals were out to their supervisors or coworkers than gays and lesbians.

Only 36 percent of cisgender bisexual employees reported being out to their supervisors and only 19 percent reported being out to all their coworkers.

Fully half of gays and lesbians, for comparison, were out to their coworkers, and 75 percent reported being out to their supervisors as well.The report suggests these numbers influenced reported experiences of workplace discrimination.

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