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Gay guys explain why they choose open relationships

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Some of us are monogamous, some of us are monogam-ish, and some of us just ethical sluts. And those with experience in the third category chimed in when a Redditor asked, “Why would you want to be in an open relationship?”“I never understood why someone would want to sleep with another person than the person they are dating,” that user wrote in the r/askgaybros community. “I’m married, and I believe that my husband is the most beautiful person, and we just click like a puzzle piece.

Why would I want to sleep with someone I find less attractive and less fun than my husband? … If you find someone more attractive or nicer, or both, why wouldn’t you just break up to be with the other person?

Also, what would you consider cheating? Is an open relationship mainly focused on sex compared to a closed one?”One generous commenter offered a long-winded explanation: “Some people are sexual gourmets and know that one person can’t be expected to satisfy all their kinks and turn-ons,” he wrote. “My boyfriend is a young, smooth bottom and very sexy for his type, but I also love bigger, more aggressive, hairy men.

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