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Disney is Out of Touch With Mainstream American Values | Opinion

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Disney company over its opposition to an education bill that liberals mislabeled "don't say gay," Republicans are playing into their opponents' hands by picking the wrong side of a culture war that's already been decided against them.Or so liberals think.As one Politico writer put it, the very notion that the GOP would "demonize one of America's most beloved and trusted corporations seems so quixotic on its face that it invites a simple question: not 'Why would they do this?' or even 'Why would they think it could be done?' but 'Why would it even seem advantageous to try?'"On its face, this assessment of the dustup between Gov.

Ron DeSantis and the company that operates "the happiest place on earth" seems accurate. That's especially true if you believe that the culture wars over gay and transgender issues were already won by the LBGTQ lobby and its corporate allies years ago.That assumption is based on the way Hollywood helped normalize gay marriage in films and television shows, powering the push for the courts to ultimately mandate its acceptance everywhere in the country.

That campaign illustrated the truth, enunciated by the late Andrew Breitbart, that politics was downstream of culture. Since the entertainment industry remains firmly in the grip of the Left, its leaders likely assume every policy shift they endorse will inevitably be made a permanent part of American culture.Hence the belief that Florida Republicans are crazy to think they will succeed in stopping the indoctrination of young children to accept radical ideas about gender.

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