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Don Jr.’s week is already shaping up to be a pretty bad one, and it’s only Monday

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Donald Trump Jr. is getting dragged on Twitter this morning over a black bear and a plate for donuts.The ex-president’s eldest son is under scrutiny after a guide who helped him kill a black bear on a 2018 hunting trip in Utah was just charged with illegally baiting the animal.Wade Cox Lemon has been charged with “wanton destruction of protected wildlife,” a 3rd-degree felony, by the Utah Attorney General’s Office.Related: Don Jr.’s latest video rant has everyone wondering…is he OK?!According to the charging documents, 61-year-old Lemon “personally guided a client on a successful bear hunt” in Carbon County on May 18, 2018.A “concerned witness” later contacted the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to report “a pile of grain, oil, and pastries” in the area after the hunters left.

The witness also said the group was hunting with dogs.DWR agents went out to investigate and found a half-eaten donut in front of a trail camera with Lemon’s initials and phone number on it.

Footage on the camera showed “the bear surrounded by a pack of hunting dogs before the client shoots and kills the animal.”Related: Don Jr.’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ rant is batsh*t crazy even by his standards“Utah law forbids luring bears to a bait station and then pursuing the animal with dogs,” the charging document reads.Though Don Jr.

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