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‘Shoved Down Teachers’ Throats’: School Board Bans ‘Political’ LGBTQ Pride Flag Calling It a ‘Gateway’

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Fox News reports “schools staff members were encouraged to display them as support for the LGBTQ community.”“These flags were shoved down teachers’ throats to put on their desk – that’s not inclusive,” school board President Kenneth Kiler said. “That’s not the way it ought to be.”School board member Tara Battaglia said, “What this does is open up a gateway for other flags to come into our schools that other people will not like.”“We’ve already banned the Confederate flag, and that was done a couple of years ago. … The premise behind the Pride flag was social advocacy … which is political.”Parent Caitlin Edmondson told Fox News the pride flags are “very concerning” and “being forced upon teachers.

They “do not solely represent the gay community. They also represent gender identity and transgender ideology.”(“Gender identity” and “transgender” are not ideologies.)“As a parent of a 6-year-old in CCPS, it is very concerning that anyone would think it is OK to push these agendas on our youngest and most vulnerable,” Edmondson added.Fox News reports the schools superintendent made clear the flags were not “forced” on any teacher, and did not report any teacher complaining they were.

School board member Donna Sivigny during last week’s meeting suggested the LGBTQ pride flag is part of a political agenda that students need “protecting” from.

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